Out with the old, in with the, erm, old!

Out with the old, in with the, erm, old!

As we return to our normal routine of buying and selling awesome stuff, it's time for us to look back at the year that was 2023 and our favourite moments, finds and events. Here we go!

Happy birthday to us :)

1st birthday balloons

Probably our biggest achievement was to make it to our first anniversary of moving into our little shop! Running a small business is stressful at the best of times, and times ain't so great right now, but we're very lucky to have fantastic friends and family and loyal customers who have supported us in our mad endeavor. We met some amazing people, made new friends, and learned a lot!

Dammit bones!

Photo of bones

In a first for us we inadvertently bought a box of antique human bones! These were part of an articulated skeleton from the 1920's provided to medical students, supplied by the famous Adam, Rouilly company who still supply medical equipment to this day.

Memories of war

Hand written war poem

Among a large collection of antique and vintage autograph books we discovered another first for us - an original WW1 trench poem. Written by William 'Tommy' Atkin who was a Captain in the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and fought in the battle of the Somme, the poem was to be sung to the tune of popular contemporary song A Little Grey Home in the West. Thankfully he survived the war and became an English lecturer at Leeds University.

It was really hot, right....?

Jax and Adam outside the shop eating ice cream

We just about survived the crazy hot summer weather and sold a lot of deck chairs! Luckily we have a fantastic shop next door - Marples - who sell very good  ice cream which kept us cool (temperature wise, at least).

Keeping it local

Photo of a Horsforth brick

 We had a lot of fun taking part in community events including the Horsforth Walk of Art and gala. Our lovely local community also continued to bring us some amazing stuff, sometimes for free and ruining the cliche of Yorkshire folk being tight! We got to know our fellow Horsforth independent businesses better, said hello to new faces and goodbye to a few :( 

Our resolution for 2024 is to support our high street and community even more, so we can all thrive together and make the year amazing.

Shop small - shop local!

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